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With the 2016 golf season winding down, the Taber Golf Club would like to thank everyone who supported and utilized the course. Weather conditions were favourable and helped contribute to the health and beauty of the course. A superintendents priorities are always aimed at maintaining optimal soil conditions to promote the healthiest turf for golfers day in and day out, which can be extremely time consuming.

During this season, the club purchased a POGO GPS soil analysis device. The funds for this device came from the proceeds from the Nation's Cup tournament. In the past, monitoring soil conditions was achieved by physically taking soil probes and using sight, smell and feel to determine the condition. This process is extremely time consuming and relies heavily on knowledge and experience. The POGO utilizes smartphone technology through its app and allows the operator to instantly log samples, make memos, attach photos to the sample data, as well as map irrigation heads, trees, ponds and other landmarks. One simply places the device into the ground, pushes a button on their smartphone, and the data is instantly taken.

The data is uploaded from your smartphone to a cloud-based web program. This program is where the analysis takes place, with the use of google earth, a complete map of everything on the course can be created. The program analyzes trends and shows warnings before the turf is completely affected. By addressing issues early, we can take action to solve the problem and maintain optimal turf rather than battle with the greens once they have already been affected. To take 9 soil samples on all 19 greens now takes less than 2 hours. Staff and effort can be reallocated to other areas of the course. The physical data can be used to guide irrigation and fertilizing decisions in order to minimize cost and maximize efficiency.

Here is the actual moisture data from #15 Green. Notice the attached image of the turf in the red zone. (Ideal Moisture level is 25%).

For more information on POGO, feel free to visit

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