Face-Lift for #5 Tee

The highest priority of the Taber Golf Club is to ensure the safety of its golfers and staff members. In the past few seasons, a few safety concerns have come up on #5 tee box. The railway ties along the cart path were rotting out, allowing for the ties to potentially give way under the weight of golfers walking on them, as well as maintenance equipment working in the area. The biggest concern was the presence of wasp nests to be formed deep inside the ties and underneath the tee box. The wasps were a constant concern due to carts being stopped very close to them when golfers would be teeing off. Thanks to the warm weather this fall, it has been possible to do some major reconstructing of the cart path as well as some of the tee box itself.

To ensure the wasp situation does not continue, the railway ties have been removed, and have been replaced with soil at a slope on top of where the original cart path ran. The cart path will instead be re-routed east through the center of the men's tee, and will run down on the east side of the tee.

There are numerous benefits of this reconstruction. The only downside of the project is no longer being able to blame the quality of your drive on the presence of wasps...

The biggest benefit is no longer having old railway ties for the wasps to build nests in. Now that the safety concern has been removed, it made light for some aesthetic changes of the tee. Once turf has been established on the newly created slope, it creates a feature area that is visible from many areas of the front nine, allowing for striping patterns to be created to attribute to the aesthetics of the tee. With the new cart path running through the middle of the mens tee, the result is that there will be a separate tee area for the blue tee behind the cart path, and an area in front of the path for the white tee.

The Taber Golf Club would like to give a huge thanks to the Town of Taber. This would not have been possible without the efforts of the Public Works department. They have done an amazing job building the slope and assisting in the removal of materials.

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